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PIC-16Fxxx-Programmer 2.4

The software programs ('burns') midrange Flash-ROM-Controller PIC 12Fxxx/16Fxxx from Microchip using a serial port of the PC. Furthermore, it offers a simple debugger and the ability to tune the oscillator.
The package also includes board layouts for an inexpensive programmer module and three test modules.

Requires: Windows 98 or better, 15 MByte disk space, serial port.
(Since the program does only use Windows standard functions it seems to work with 'WinE' under Linux, too.)

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Version 2.4.7

Version 2.4.6

Version 2.4.5

Version 2.4.4

Version 2.4.3

Version 2.4.2

Version 2.4.1

Version 2.4.0

Version 2.3.7

Version 2.3.6

Version 2.3.5

Version 2.3.3

Version 2.3.2

Version 2.3.1

Version 2.3.0

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