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LANC™ Zoom Module

The module allows the control of SONY cameras via a cable of up to 10m length. In comparison with an IR remote control this gives several advantages:

Blueprints and documentation come with this installation file.   (220 KByte, Freeware)

Software and boards are intended for home users only. Any commercial use is forbidden.


[Schematic] The circuit has been optimized with respect of costs and current consumption. Besides the microcontroller PIC 12F629, only a few components are necessary. The firmware was designed to adapt to the timing of the camera signal (LANC™ / iLink™). Thus, the microcontroller can be used with its internal oscillator.

To transfer the firmware ZOOM_H.HEX into the microcontroller one either can use an appropriate PIC programmer or build the enclosed adapter. It works only with the serial port of a Desktop PC.


REC key

Short pressing the REC key starts and stops the recording.
If the REC key is hold longer than one second then the camera turns off when releasing the key and the module turns into a low-power mode, in which it gets is supply from the leakage current of the LANC™ pin (a few µA only).
Short pressing any of the three keys will turn on the camera again. This works also, if the camera turned off itself to protect tape and video heads.

ZOOM keys

The two keys operate the Zoom (Mode 1 to 5) or the Focus (Mode 6 to 8). There are two behaviors available: in one the Zoom (resp. the Focus) runs as long as the key is hold down. In the other the key must be clicked very short; then it turns on or off the Zoom.


[OVO-3] TEKO offers with the OVO-3 a handy and nice case which can hold the entire circuit.
However, due to the case's shape, fabricating the board as well as preparing the case require certain dexterity.

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